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Rock Climbing Birthday Parties for Kids Kids Love To Climb!

For your next kid's party why not do something different? Let The Rock Club be the Base Camp for your Expedition. Everybody will have the time of their lives! Climbing is a terrific activity for boys and girls alike. Everyone participates and goes home with memories of doing something really special. Our supervised parties are exciting and active. And we can handle groups of almost any size or age. AND WE ARE NOW OFFERING BLACKLIGHT BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Give us a call for more info and check out the picture below! Click the hotlinks below to learn more about TRC's parties.

Please CALL to book your party or discuss details. We do NOT provide party information by email.

How do our parties work?

Here's how an Expedition works:

  • When your group arrives you’ll be greeted at Base Camp by your personal Expedition Guide and ushered upstairs to Base Camp. When your group has all arrived your Guide will do a brief orientation to make sure your Expedition is checked-in and ready to go!
  • Everybody gets equipped and fitted with their safety harness.
  • You'll set off for the Devil's Tower* for climbing.
  • Everybody gets plenty of climbs with a full 1.5 hours of climbing time (one hour for 3-5 year old parties.) Kids take turns trying to scale the climbing routes while our Guides coach them up and manage the safety ropes. But what if somebody falls? Nothing at all, that's half the fun! The guide holds the climber fast on the rope and leads the way.
  • Spectators can watch, cheer, or take your pictures from the elevated gallery!

*Our "Devil's Tower" is modeled after the geological formation of the same name in Wyoming. There are plenty of routes that the smallest child will find accessible and others that will challenge even the most athletic.


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Rock climbing birthday party idea

Expedition Packages and Charges

At The Rock Club your party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. If one of our packages doesn't meet your needs, just give us a call. We'll work with you to make your event what you want it to be.

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The Matterhorn Expedition features:

  • Use of a private party room after climbing
  • Group photo for the host
  • Rock Club climbing souvenir for the host
  • You provide refreshments or order pizza. Paper products are not included but can be provided for $20.

$365 for groups up to 10 kids. $28 for each additional guest.

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The Kilimanjaro Expedition features:

  • Use of a private party room after climbing
  • All paper goods
  • Assortment of soda
  • Cheese pizza
  • Group photo for the host
  • Rock Club climbing souvenir for the host

$420 for groups up to 10. $42 for each additional guest.

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The K2 Expedition features:

  • Use of a private party room after climbing
  • All paper products
  • Assortment of soda
  • Cheese pizza
  • Group photo for all guests
  • Rock Club climbing souvenir for the all guests

$550 for up to 10 guests. $58 for each additional guest.

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The 'Biner Option features:

  • A customized party for 3-5 year olds
  • 60 minutes of supervised climbing excitement, games, and activities
  • A 3:1 ratio of climbers to instructors
  • 30 minutes in our private party room

Choose any of our traditional party packages and add the 'Biner Option to give your 3 - 5 year old the most exciting party around!

Want to customize your event? We can provide whatever extras you want. Just give us a call to help make your party exactly what you want it to be.

Extras a la carte

  • Blacklight climbing!!! $35
  • TRC T-shirt $13
  • Souvenir carabiner (not for climbing!) $2.50
  • Souvenir Photo first photo, 4"x6" free each additional photo $3
  • Party Invitations with envelopes $1.25 ea. includes waiver and directions on flip side
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    Rock climbing birthday parties for children

    Nuts & Bolts

    Scheduling & Timing:
    Expeditions last 2 hours (The 'Biner Option lasts 1.5 hours). Expedition parties are regularly scheduled as follows:
    Saturdays and Sundays: 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, & 5:30pm
    Fridays: 4:30pm & 7pm

    We recommend that the host arrive about 15 minutes in advance. Guests should arrive punctually. We can start late to wait for stragglers, but the end time is fixed.

    Everyone gets plenty of time to climb. Exactly how long you climb is up to you. Most groups find that 90 minutes of climbing is plenty, leaving 30 minutes for refreshments.

    Equipment & clothing:
    Climbing harnesses are provided for all. We recommend clothing that allows freedom of movement. However, baggy pants and short shorts should be avoided, as they can make the harness uncomfortable. Girls should not wear skirts!! (This may seem obvious, but girls do arrive in skirts far more than you would think!)

    The ONLY footwear allowed are fully closed,sneakers. Laces are preferred, but velcro closures are OK. Sorry, sandals, flip-flops, water shoes, open footwear, clogs, or hard soled shoes are not permitted. Guests arriving in such footwear must rent climbing shoes at an extra cost. This is done on an emergency basis, we do not provide climbing shoes for parties.

    Staffing & Supervision:
    Supervision and service are our top priorities. The Expedition Guide acts as your host and group facilitator. Additionally we provide 1 belayer for every 4 to 5 kids. Staffers provide facility orientation, outfit the gear, handle the safety ropes and coach the kids. They also help with your setup and handle cleanup. Most of all they make sure everybody has a great time! Tips are not included. If you feel that your guides did a great job, feel free to let them know.

    Our rules are designed to prevent problems before they happen. Before climbing your Guide will review our rules. Some areas of the gym off-limits. Swinging from ropes, gymnastics, running and horseplay are not permitted. Please note that for safety reasons your facilitator does not belay. We cannot make exceptions to this rule. Finally, we do not allow Pinatas or Mylar balloons. We actively enforce our rules and ask for your support in following and enforcing them with your group.

    We start all parties in our Training Center. Climbing in the main area is at the discretion of your Expedition Guide based on party size, age, group ability and safety considerations. We cannot guarantee in advance that a party will use the main climbing area. Refreshments are served in our private, flexible party rooms. We regularly accommodate groups up to 30.

    Very Important! The party room(s) must be vacated promptly at the party end time. Party groups have use of the party rooms only, and refreshments must stay in the party room. Parties do not have use of the deck. Please call for details if you anticipate needing more time or if you expect a significant number of adult guests.

    The minimum age for our Traditional parties is five (5). The 'Biner Option is available with age-appropriate modifications for 3-4 year olds (specially trained staff, maximum participation limit, etc). Please call for details.

    Reservations, Deposits & Confirmations:
    A credit card is required to hold your reservation. We cannot guarantee that a time slot request will be held without a credit card. We will call you 3-5 days in advance to confirm your party and the number of guests. Our staffing is fixed at this time. If additional guests turn up on the day of the party we cannot guarantee additional staffers for belaying.

    Rescheduling & Cancellations:
    There is no charge for cancellation 2 weeks or more before the party date. A 50% charge will be made for parties canceled with less than 2 weeks notice. Full price will be charged for cancellations less than 48 hours before the party. A rescheduling fee of $75 is charged for rescheduling less than 2 weeks before the party. Sorry, no Exceptions!
    In the event of inclement weather every effort will be made to reschedule and no rescheduling fee will be charged. If rescheduling is impossible no charge will be made.

    Coupons & Discounts:
    Coupons, discounts, special offers or gift certificates can be applied only if they are specifically designated for parties. Such coupons are not valid beyond their expiration date.

    Each participant must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian. Click here to download a copy. Sorry, we can’t make exceptions to these policies. Please avoid disappointment by ensuring that everyone in your group has a completed waiver.

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    rock climbing birthday party for kids

    Birthday Party FAQ

    How many times will the kids get to climb?
    A: There's no exact number, but the answer is plenty! Exactly how many climbs depends on the age of the kids, the length of the route and how fast they climb. It's worth noting that kids almost always get a lot more climbing in the Training Center than the main gym. There's less time dangling and things move faster. Regardless, nobody goes away feeling that they haven't gotten enough climbing.
    What if some kids don't climb? Will they be bored and will I still be charged?
    Although an occasional child may elect not to climb, we have no way of predicting that in advance. Our staffing and charges are therefore based on total headcount. But nobody gets bored. Everyone cheers for their friends and still has fun.
    I just want my party to climb, we don't need the room or any of the services. Can I just get 3 or 4 belayers instead? And can we bring our own food for the deck?
    You can hire belayers instead of doing a party, but use of the deck is not not permitted. Additionally, reservations are required and availability is limited.
    My son/daughter is already an excellent climber. They'll want to climb on the main wall, not just the small wall.
    Many groups do spend some time on the main walls. However, we simply can't guarantee in advance that any specific group will. When the main area is crowded with adults, kids raise safety issues. We want our staff to spend their time helping your group have fun climbing, not enforcing safety rules. Climbing in the main gym area therefore depends on how crowded it is and the ability of the group to follow safety rules. The deck is stacked against groups that are very young, very large or excessively boisterous. Party groups with large numbers of adult onlookers also crowd the main area. Climbing in the main area is therefore at the discretion of your Expedition Guide.
    My son/daughter has a younger sibling. Also, my spouse might want to give it a try. Can they climb too and will I be charged?
    We charge for every climber, whether they were counted in the expected headcount or not. However, unless the additional climbers are included in your headcount, we do not provide additional staffing. Before letting a very young sibling, friend or cousin "just try it," be aware that very small children climb extremely slowly. This means that the rest of the group will get less climbing in. Also, guests under second grade are generally not permitted in the main climbing area, so this may restrict the rest of the group is able to climb.
    I want to include some other adults, but they won't be climbing. Is this OK?
    Sure, as long your group can fit in the party room. If you plan on a significant number of non-climbing guests, it may be necessary to use a bigger party room at additional charge. Use of the deck for overflow is not permitted. Also, we do not allow more than 4 non-climbing adults onto the the main climbing area. Doing so creates overcrowding for other adult climbers.
    Can I bring my own decorations, food, etc?
    Sure, as long as everything stays in the party room. Use of the deck for buffets or entertaining is not permitted. Pinatas are not permitted.
    Is tipping expected? How much?
    Our staffers are paid by the hour and work hard to make your group happy. If you feel they were especially helpful making your event a success, gratuities are greatly appreciated. Tips typically range from $10 to $20.
    To be perfectly frank, your waiver is somewhat off-putting. What if some parents object?
    Similar waivers are used by paintball operations, riding stables and many other activity-based businesses. Our waiver is necessary for insurance and insurance is necessary for us to be in business. If you have any particular questions or concerns, please give us call (914-633-7625).

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    Kids' rock climbing birthday party